- ATVs, Side-x-Sides, cars, SUVs, trailers, motorcycles, mountain bikes, basically anything with an inner tube

- TSP 150ml, best suited for mountain
- TSP 250ml, best suited for motorcycles
 -TSP 500ml, best suited for cars, ATVs,
  trailers etc.
- TSP 1L, best suited for larger ATVs,
  Side-x-Sides and SUVs, or for team
- TSP 5L, best suited for workshops

  • Super-effective puncture preventing tyre sealer for on road, off road and racing applications.
  • With over 300 bikes treated per month in South Africa alone, Tyre Shield® is easy to install and has no effect on wheel balance. It’s non-messy formula maintains your tyre’s air pressure perfectly, thus reducing heat build-up. This can extend tyre life by up to 30%. Tyre Shield® also prevents rust, seals porosity leaks and does not affect tyre or rim properties. Tyre Shield® will seal holes made by puncturing objects up to 6mm in diameter on tread area on tubeless tyres and 3mm on tubed tyres, on any type of motorcycle.
  •  Whether you’re trying to avoid the inconvenience of having a puncture on the road, while out on a dual sport adventure or when competing in hardcore racing, Tyre Shield® is the cost effective solution to your puncture problems.