X-GRIP mousse replaces the tube in the tire and protects you against puncture/ blowout.

It doesn´t matter if you are in Africa´s deserts or in the romanian woods with X-GRIP mousses you are always on the safe side.

Nearly all professionals at MXGP, EnduroGP or Erzbergrodeo trust in mousse but also hobby driver do.

X-GRIP mousse is available in different sizes for Motocross, Enduro and also kids sizes.

A softer version for extreme-enduro rounds the assortment.



Name          Class               Dimension
KV-65         65CCM               60/100-14
KH-65         65CCM               80/100-12
KV-85S       85CCM SMALL   70/100-17
KH-85S       85CCM SMALL   90/100-14
KV-85L       85CCM LARGE  70/100-19
KH-85L       85CCM LARGE  90/100-16

Name        Class                  Dimension
EV-0          MOTOCROSS     80/100-21
EV-1          MOTOCROSS     90/90-21
XH-0          MOTOCROSS     100/90-19
XH-1          MOTOCROSS     110/90-19
EH-1          MOTOCROSS     120/90-19

Name        Class                Dimension
EV-0          ENDURO           80/100-21
EV-1          ENDURO           90/90-21
EV-2          ENDURO           90/100-21
EH-1          ENDURO           120/90-18
EH-2          ENDURO           140/80-18

Name         Class             Dimension
EV-0           EXTREME         80/100-21
EV-1           EXTREME         90/90-21
EV-2           EXTREME         90/200-21
SS-1           EXTREME         120/90-18
SS-2           EXTREME         140/80-18